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Handmade ceramic dog urn, White Medium size, with gold heart. (for dog ashes up to 50 lbs/20 kg)

Handmade ceramic dog urn, White Medium size, with gold heart. (for dog ashes up to 50 lbs/20 kg)

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I make the urns by hand on a wheel, I draw every detail with a brush, each letter is stamped separately, measured and centered by eye. each urn is unique, specially created for your pet. Therefore, the urn made for you may differ from the one shown in the listing pictures.


S size:
Holds 300ml /10oz- 400 ml/ 13 OZ

Medium size:

Holds 800ml /27oz

Large size:
Holds 1200 ml /40oz

Medium, Large size handmade ceramic urn, with gold Heart or paw stamp accent.

If You want You can personalized urn with Your beloved pets name!

I will make it for You within 2-4 weeks.



According to standards, a certain amount of ashes should remain after cremation, taking into account the weight of the animal, but in practice, the amount may vary greatly after cremation, so before ordering an urn, find out at the chosen cremation service how much ashes will remain after cremation.

According standards:

400 ml/ 13 OZ urns are suitable up to 9 kg/20 lbs pets before cremation.

Medium size-800ml /27oz urns are suitable up to 20 kg/50 lbs pets before cremation.

Large size - 1200 ml /40oz urns are suitable up to 30 kg/70 lbs pets before cremation.

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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Harper
forever home

I really love the urn and my granddaughter will love it as well! Tho I was very apprehensive ordering from out of the country, the whole experience was easy. Amazing..beginning to end. Thank you so much. Only one small critique would be the dates be sperated just a little bit more :)

Jelle Braeckman

I love it, it's just so beautiful