About Zuze Pet


What is Zuze Pet?

A small pottery workshop in Latvia, where things are done from the heart and with great love and care.

I, Jogita and my trusted ally Pepe spend our daily lives in the studio, creating beautiful and functional ceramic dishes for your four-legged pets. You will also find here slow feeder bowls and pet ash urns among the different style of feeding bowls.

How did the name Zuze Pet come about? 30 years ago our family had a wonderful dog girl Zuze who made my childhood special and rich in warm memories. In honor to Zuze I decided to call my pet shop - Zuze Pet. She would love to eat and drink water from such a beautiful and mindful ceramic dishes.

Each dish is handmade, no two are exactly alike. But that's exactly what we like - character in every line, glaze drop and shape.

Choose dishes designed to pamper your pet! They will look stunning in any interior and house.


Best wishes from Jogita and Pepe